Did a coloured palette meme~

Featuring, possessed Dawn and Lucas!

Lucas and Chimchar starting their journey to become the very best!

"Hansel & Gretel", Dawn & Lucas!

Happy Father’s Day!


Pachirisu used Thunder!

Haruka’s hairband looks somewhat like Wingull’s wings

Peeko stahp.

Getting ready for a hot Hoenn summer~!

お兄ちゃん、かっこいいよ~ (◕)



It’s so nice finishing tests!! I get a little bit of freedom…..that I do not spend productively. 

Found an old picture of DaeA and decided to redraw it. Drawing straight away with pen is dangerous cry the mistakes…

I sTILL NEED TO MAKE YOU BIRTHDAY GIFT, DEIYA AAA ;;; sorry for poor phone quality

BAAABY~ Such an improvement from last year ;q;; Thank you for this! When did he become such a handsome sir?!!

I hope they’ll bring back like contests, berry machine, secret bases, etc!! I’m so excited about this!

Poké Chibies~! Drawn in iScribble!!

UTAU babies that I drew once a upon a time ago…
I still have more, but I’m too lazy at the moment 三ヘ(。□°)ノ good bye!

Collab with Kiiminy!

It’s her Pokemon gijinka, Chandelure!  \( ´ ▽ ` )ノ yeee

Happy (belated) Birthday to Aya and Lin!

I hope you had a wonderful one!

xoxo Deiya! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Serena & Calem!

Why are they so pretty (ノД`) ・゜・